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Wavelets - Deconvolution




Sun Ha ( thanks Banjo )

A very light USER MANUAL to help

registration / addition of images or videos :



Visit his Astronomical web site

Thank you Alain !

Astronomical image processing for Windows 32 / 64 bits

For Planetary and Deep Sky purpose :   files format input :  jpg  bmp fit  png  tif  ser  avi

Experimental only, not for commercial purpose

Please report any suggestion

Previous version       DAPHNIS  and  ERIS

Actual version            FAUST-1    December  22  2019

Future version            GREIP         January 27 2020

Bugs and future improvements  :

- 'Gradient Reducer ' method must be improved

- some methods are very slow for large images

- Need a batch to process Dark Flat and Images automatically

- Addition by Median is limited for many or large images

- version 1.0 not avalaible

To work with :

- unpack ZIP file and create a shortcut for  " Astrosurface.exe "

- 4K Monitors  : adapt display parameters in Windows Properties for Astrosurface.exe ( for now )

To delete AstroSurface :

- simply delete the folder

AstroSurface FAUST-1