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What is new ?   2022/01/03

AstroSurface  STELLAR-S2

See About  and  What is New  in the software

To work well with


Images to work with


STELLAR- S2   64 bits :  all files   jan. 3rd  2022

To explain registration / addition of images or videos :: ANALYZE-REGISTER :

Visit my friend's Alain astronomical site  ( french )

Astronomical image processing for Windows 32 / 64 bits

For Planetary and Deep Sky :  files format :  jpg  bmp fit  png  tif  ser  avi ( astro )  RAW

Experimental only, not for commercial purpose

Obsolete versions :    OMEGA   PROXIMA  QUASAR   and  R...

To work with :

- unpack ZIP file and create a shortcut for  " Astrosurface.exe "

To delete AstroSurface :

- simply delete the folder

AstroSurface H32 obsolete :  32 bits  Windows XP